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Robbi and Ben's musical synergy quickly transformed their casual jam sessions into a captivating public act. After their initial pairing during the NSW Schools Spectacular 2022 and 2023, where both were standout solo performers, they found a shared rhythm and idea that made their decision to form a duo at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2024 a reality.

Following their triumphant win in Tamworth, which marked a significant milestone in their ongoing career, Robbi and Ben have continued to build on their momentum. Their performances are characterized by a dynamic blend of vocal harmonies and instrumental prowess that resonate deeply with audiences of all ages. Their repertoire spans a variety of genres, demonstrating their versatility and eagerness to explore different musical landscapes.

They're professionalism and talent is seen both on and off stage where they are committed to learning how to hone their craft!

"They were the youngest contestants and blew away the star-studded judging panel, consisting of Golden Guitar Winners and Star Maker Winner among local venue operators and talent. They also cause excited explosion among the public wherever they go. A fan favourite and eager, enthusiastic and hard-working Robbi & Ben will draw you in with talent and humour well beyond their years”

- Kyle Kash TCMF Organiser, 2024


Nose on The Grindstone

Cover by Robbi Morgan (Vocalist) and Ben Gillard (Guitar)

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